Signature/Daily Flavors

(​These flavors are served every day throughout the year)

Pink Vanilla- Vanilla bean cake with our signature pink buttercream and pink sugar sprinkles

Pink Chocolate- Chocolate cake with our signature pink buttercream and pink sugar sprinkles

Vanilla-n-chocolate- Vanilla bean cake with chocolate buttercream chocolate drizzle and mini chocolate chips

Chocoholic- Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream chocolate drizzle and mini chocolate chips

Cookies-n-cream- Mallow cream stuffed chocolate cake with cookies-n-cream buttercream chocolate and mallow drizzle and crushed cookies

Chocolate cream- Vanilla buttercream stuffed chocolate cake with creamy fudge on top and a squiggle of buttercream

Peanut butter cup- Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese and a mini peanut butter cup

Lemon Drop- Lemon filled lemon cake with lemon buttercream and a dollop of lemon filling on top

Strawberry- Strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream and a dollop of strawberry filling

Carrot- Carrot-pecan cake with cream cheese frosting and crushed pecans on top

Red Velvet- Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and crushed pecans on top

Birthday Cake- Vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream rolled in rainbow sprinkles

Wedding Cake- Almond cake with almond buttercream and white sugar pearls

                            Specialty Flavors for this month

** August Specials **
- Boston Cream - Vanilla bean cake stuffed with Bavarian cream topped with fudge and Bavarian cream
- Butterfinger - Chocolate Butterfinger cake, topped with Butterfinger buttercream, chocolate and caramel drizzle, and pieces of Butterfinger
- Chocolate Cherry - Chocolate cake with cherry buttercream, mini chocoloate chips, chocolate drizzle and topped with a cherry
- Cookie Monster - Chocolate chip & vanilla bean cake topped with blue cookies-n-cream buttercream and a chocolate chip cookie
- German Chocolate - German chocolate cake with German chocolate icing and a fudge dollop
- Key Lime - Vanilla bean cake stuffed with Key Lime filling, topped with Key Lime cream cheese, sprinkled with graham cracker and velvet whipped topping
- Maple Bacon - Vanilla bean cake with a cinnamon maple buttercream frosting and topped with real crispy bacon
- Mudslide - Chocolate cake stuffed with coffee cream cheese, topped with chocolate buttercream, chocolate chips, a dollop of coffee cream cheese and chocolate drizzle
- Orange Creamsicle - Orange cream cake topped with orange buttercream and a mallo cream drizzle
- Pink Champagne - Pink champagne cake topped with raspberry whipped topping and pink sugar pearls
- Rainbow Sherbert - Lime cake topped with orange and raspberry swirl buttercream
- S'Mores - Chocolate cake stuffed with vanilla cream, white buttercream rolled in graham crackers, whipped topping with chocolate and vanilla drizzle and graham crackers
- Strawberry Cheesecake - Strawberry cake stuffed with cheesecake bites, topped with cream cheese, graham cracker crumbles, and strawberry filling

OTHER FLAVORS: (can be ordered throughout the year with a minimum of ONE dozen for most flavors)
sweet potato
stuffed french toast
snicker doodle 
cinnamon roll
chocolate caramel drum
coconut raspberry
orange creamsicle
cherry bomb
peppermint crunch
butterscotch hop
german chocolate
cotton candy
pink champagne
nutella wella
pecan pie
cherry blossom
brownie 2.0
root beer float
chocolate malt
maple bacon
fruit pebbles
KY bourbon pie
apple stuffed french toast
peach cobbler
holiday spice cake
caramel turtle
Kickin KAT
candied pig
strawberry cheesecake
all my joy
yummy banana
coffee and cookies
egg nog
pineapple coconut
strawberry lemonade
blueberry lemonade 
blueberry pancake
boston cream pie
hot fudge sundae
caramel crunch
salted caramel 
banana split
fat elvis 
mint cookies-n-cream
chocolate coconut
caramel apple pie
apple cobbler
brownie red velvet 
italian cream pie
caramel latte
black forrest
mexican expresso
midnight snack
chocolate stout
decandent vanilla/chocolate
stuffed cookie

GLUTEN-CONSCIOUS: Chocolate, Vanilla, Red velvet, Carrot, Lemon, Strawberry, Almond and Coconut